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Yogic Salad

The cretan diet is renowned for its macrobiotic qualities, but also for its great variety of delicious flavours. More than the pure, fresh ingredients themselves, it is the fact that cooking is traditionally performed almost like a ritual, with great love, and always in the prospect of offering the food to others, that makes the cretan cuisine so special. This spirit is complemented by the idea found in the yogic philosophy that the quality of our minds largely depends on the quality of our food; in fact, specific examples are given of how different foods make our minds dull (a quality called tamas),restless (a quality called rajas) or calm (a quality called sattva). Our aim is to nurture our body as well as our mind, by consuming foods that provide optimum energy and vitality, while creating a balanced and peaceful state of mind. Our fantastically inventive chef fully embodies and puts the above notions into practice, preparing three nutritious lactovegetarian meals a day, using local, and wherever possible, organic products. Moreover, if you have any dietary requirements please notify us and we will do our best to accommodate them.


A typical day’s menu

Yogic wrapsBreakfast: home-made warm muesli (our speciality!) or cooked grain and fruit and nut based breakfast (porridge, compote etc.), cow’s (or goat's, whenever available) and grain (e.g. rice) or home-made almond milk, selection of sheep’s cheeses, sheep’s or cow's yoghurt (depending on seasonal availability), wholemeal bread and savoury as well as sweet biscuits, selection of homemade jams and marmelades, honey, tahini and local butter, freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh seasonal fruits, local herbal and other teas.

Dinner:vegetable or grain/pulse soup (e.g. gazpacho, zucchini, or lentil soup) or other starter (e.g., dolmades, cooked local greens [vlita] with lemon and oil); locally inspired, vegetarian main dish (e.g., stuffed vegetables, vegetable risottos using a variety of grains, tabouleh, fava, spinach pie, grilled veggies); selection of delicious fresh salads (hearty greek salad being of course the staple!); and -of course- a healthy fruit/nut/dairy based dessert (e.g., yoghurt and honey, fruit and nut power balls, halva, flourless cakes).

A selection of hot and cold herbal teas, both local and imported, and fresh fruit is available at all times.

The village restaurants, only a short walk away, offer a wide range of local dishes, including fresh fish and game. Two of the evenings during each week-long holiday, guests are free to dine out and try some of the local delicacies (not included in course cost). Our guests have also found the local bakery particularly enticing, with delicious local bakes, biscuits and breads!

Note: We kindly request that you respect our rule against smoking and consumption of alcohol or other substances on our premises.

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